Meet Our Team 

Introducing the individuals comprising RH Plumbing & Heating. 

Meet Our Visionary Business Owner 
Name: Robin Hewitt 
Title: Founder and CEO  
Bio: With an unyielding drive for success and abundant industry knowledge, Robin stands as the driving force behind our company's impressive trajectory, which has consistently surged forward.  
As our Founder, he has navigated a remarkable path for our business, steering us to new heights and solidifying an unbeatable reputation in the market. 
Robin's wealth of experience, rooted in his beginnings in the field, has provided him with first-hand knowledge of customer expectations of honesty and quality workmanship. He ensures that these values are embraced by all who work here. Additionally, Robin's deep comprehension of market intricacies has nurtured enduring bonds with contractors, customers, and suppliers.  
Furthermore, Robin takes great delight in observing the development and progress of his team members. He understands that investing in their growth not only benefits them individually but also strengthens the team as a whole.  
DBS Number: 001859493880 
Meet Our Exceptional Project Manager 
Name: Ryan Maher 
Title: Project Manager 
Bio: After a decade of hands-on experience, Ryan has seamlessly transitioned into the role of Project Manager. His dedication to the business is unwavering, ensuring that each project not only meets but exceeds expectations. His deep understanding of the industry allows him to adeptly navigate challenges, steering complex projects to successful outcomes. As a true leader, Ryan inspires and motivates his team, under his guidance, team members not only enhance their technical skills but also embody the core ethics and principles of our business. By creating a collaborative environment where everyone's contributions are valued, his clear expectations and supportive approach empower team members to excel. With Ryan at the helm, our projects flourish, providing clients with the confidence that their visions will be realised with precision and care. 
DBS Number: 001841204839 
Meet Our Marvellous Office Administrator 
Name: Hannah Wilson 
Title: Admin Support 
Bio: Introducing Hannah, our Office Administrator, who became a part of our team three years ago. Leveraging her prior management experience, she has implemented policies and procedures that enhance our team's efficiency. Situated in our office, Hannah assumes a pivotal role as the primary point of contact for all our customers. 
Her unwavering dedication and enthusiasm for our future render her an asset to our team. Beyond her administrative duties, Hannah spearheads our social media presence, employing her creativity and strategic acumen to showcase the best of RH Plumbing & Heating to the world. Her initiatives have not only bolstered our online presence but also fortified our rapport with customers. 
Meet Our Extraordinary Senior Plumber 
Name: George Jennings 
Title: Senior Plumbing & Heating Engineer 
Bio: George, our esteemed senior plumber, stands as a cornerstone of our team, showcasing unwavering dedication and exceptional skills. With a rich reservoir of experience, his expertise shine brightly. 
George's prowess extends beyond mere plumbing tasks; he excels in building rapport with customers, ensuring their utmost satisfaction. His commitment to customer happiness is the cornerstone of his work ethic, leaving indelible impressions with his amiable demeanour and adept problem-solving abilities. 
Moreover, George is deeply invested in fostering the next generation of talent. Serving as a mentor and trainer to our apprentices, he generously imparts his wisdom, nurturing their growth and honing their skills in the trade. George's dedication to both his craft and the development of others exemplifies his invaluable contribution to our team. 
DBS Number: 0001840484412 
Meet Our Outstanding Skilled Plumber 
Name: Dan Lauck 
Title: Senior Plumbing & Heating Engineer 
Bio: In less than a year since joining our team, Dan has demonstrated his profound commercial expertise, delivering consistently satisfying results in his role as a skilled plumber. Whether tackling a routine repair or confronting a complex installation, Dan's experience and steadfast dedication shine through, culminating in exceptional and functional project outcomes. 
With the right dedication, focus, and training, Dan has the potential to become an integral part of our team, further enhancing our collective capabilities and contributing to our ongoing success. 
DBS Number: 001113719725 
Meet Our Brilliant Skilled Plumber  
Name: Martin Freeland 
Title: Senior Plumbing & Heating Engineer  
Bio: Combining his two decades of industry experience with nearly a year of tenure within our team, Martin has swiftly evolved into an asset for our plumbing business. His reservoir of knowledge and adept mentorship abilities render him invaluable, particularly in guiding our apprentice plumbers. 
Martin's adeptness in building rapport with customers consistently garners positive feedback, underscoring his unwavering commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction. His expertise and positive influence within our team solidify Martin's role as a crucial contributor to our continual success. 
DBS Number: 001875131321 
Meet Our Fantastic Junior Plumber 
Name: Taylor Murphy 
Title: Trainee Plumbing & Heating Engineer 
Bio: Our confidence in Taylor's abilities has led us to entrust him with taking the lead on jobs already. As he approaches the completion of his apprenticeship, we eagerly anticipate Taylor's promising future. Taylor's journey with us has been marked by continual growth and learning, and he has flourished through collaboration with our team. 
Taylor's unwavering dedication and thirst for knowledge have facilitated the accumulation of a wealth of skills and expertise during his time with us. His diligent efforts have equipped him to confidently tackle projects independently, showcasing his proficiency as a skilled and reliable plumber. 
Collectively, we take great pride in Taylor's development and eagerly look forward to witnessing his continued success in his career with us. 
DBS Number: 018855421004 
Meet Our Remarkable Junior Plumber 
Name: Jamie Butcher 
Title: Trainee Plumbing & Heating Engineer 
Bio: From day one, Jamie embraced every opportunity to learn and grow. He attended college part-time, eager to enhance his skills and knowledge in the trade. Jamie's fast learning abilities have impressed us all, and he continues to take on new challenges with enthusiasm. 
Beyond technical skills, Jamie's exceptional communication makes him a great asset to our team. He interacts effortlessly with both our customers and fellow team members, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment.  
We are thrilled to witness Jamie's progress and are confident that his willingness to learn will lead him to achieve great success. 
DBS Number: 018855421005 
Meet Our Superb Plumbing Apprentice 
Name: Joseph Kelly 
Title: Apprentice Plumbing & Heating Engineer 
Bio: Let us present Joseph, our bright new apprentice, eager to embark on his journey in the plumbing profession. Joseph's passion for learning and progressing in this field is evident right from the start. His completion of the initial plumbing courses with success speaks volumes about his dedication and eagerness for the trade. We are thrilled to have him join our team, acknowledging his potential as a valuable addition, bringing in a fresh perspective and a determination to excel. 
As Joseph begins his apprenticeship with us, we provide him with the guidance and support he needs to thrive and grow in his new role. 
DBS Number: 001853200353 
Meet Our stellar Plumbing Apprentice 
Name: Aidan  
Title: Apprentice Plumbing & Heating Engineer 
Bio: Aidan, our apprentice, is currently juggling college studies one day a week while gaining hands-on experience with us. He embodies promising young talent, demonstrating a keen interest in the field and starting to apply his newly acquired skills with effectiveness. We look forward eagerly to witnessing his development and accomplishments as he seamlessly integrates into our team, contributing to the future success of our company. 
DBS Number: 001856784631 
For added reassurance, all our field personnel undergo enhanced DBS checks. 
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