Meet the Team 

Meet Our Visionary Business Owner 
Name: Robin Hewitt 
Title: Founder and CEO  
With a relentless passion for success and a wealth of industry experience, Robin Hewitt is the driving force behind our company's remarkable journey which has gone from strength to strength.  
As the Founder, he has charted a remarkable course for our business, leading us to new heights and forging an indomitable reputation in the market. 
His hands-on experience ranges from being in the field, managing projects, to mastering the art of pricing and quoting.  
With this invaluable expertise, he has developed an unmatched understanding of market dynamics, fostering rock-solid relationships with contractors and suppliers alike. Additionally, under his leadership, our employees embrace and embody our business morals and values. 
Meet Our Exceptional Project Manager 
Name: Ryan Maher 
Title: Project Manager 
Ryan Maher, is our esteemed Project Manager with over a decade of hands-on experience and, a track record of successful projects. His wealth of expertise, dedication, and unwavering commitment ensure that every project exceeds expectations.  
With a deep understanding of the industry, Ryan navigates diverse challenges and excels in coordinating complex projects to successful completion.  
As a true leader, he inspires and motivates his team, setting clear expectations and fostering a collaborative environment where everyone feels valued and heard. With Ryan at the helm, our projects thrive, and our clients can rest assured that their visions will be brought to life with precision and care. 
Meet Our Extraordinary Senior Plumber 
Name: George Jennings 
Title: Senior Plumber 
Our Senior Plumber with unwavering commitment and exceptional skills, he has become an integral part of our team. With a wealth of experience, George is a force to be reckoned with in the field. 
He excels in liaising with customers, and going the extra mile to guarantee their satisfaction. Customer happiness is at the core of George's work ethic, leaving a lasting impression with his friendly demeanour and problem-solving abilities.  
Beyond plumbing mastery, George is equally devoted to nurturing the next generation of talent. As a mentor and trainer to our apprentices, he generously shares his knowledge, helping them grow and develop their skills in the trade. 
Meet Our Outstanding Skilled Plumber 
Name: Ryan Prior 
Title: Skilled Plumbing & Heating Engineer  
Meet Ryan, our skilled plumber and valuable team member for nearly a year. With his exceptional talent and customer-centric approach, Ryan has made a significant impact on our business.  
His ability to connect with customers sets him apart, ensuring their satisfaction in every project, whether it's a routine repair or a complex bathroom installation.  
Ryan's attention to detail and craftsmanship shine through, transforming bathrooms into stunning and functional spaces that exceed expectations. As we continue to grow, Ryan's expertise and dedication remain vital to our success, making him an invaluable member of our plumbing team. 
Meet Our Fantastic Junior Plumber  
Name: Taylor Murphy 
Title: Trainee Plumbing & Heating Engineer  
Taylor, has been an integral part of our team since he began his apprenticeship with us. Taylor's journey with us has been one of continuous growth and learning, and he has flourished while working alongside our team. Taylor's dedication and eagerness to learn have allowed him to acquire a wealth of knowledge and skills during his time with us. His hard work and commitment have instilled in him the confidence to take on projects independently, showcasing his capabilities as a competent and reliable plumber. As a team, we take immense pride in Taylor's progress and are excited to see him continue to excel in his career with us.  
Meet Our Remarkable Junior Plumber  
Name: Jamie Butcher  
Title: Trainee Plumbing & Heating Engineer  
From day one, Jamie embraced every opportunity to learn and grow. He attends college part-time, eager to enhance his skills and knowledge in the trade. Jamie's fast learning abilities have impressed us all, and he continues to take on new challenges with enthusiasm. Beyond technical skills, Jamie's exceptional communication makes him a great asset to our team. He interacts effortlessly with both our customers and fellow team members, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment. 
We are thrilled to witness Jamie's progress and are confident that his willingness to learn will lead him to achieve great success.  
Meet Our Marvellous Office Administrator 
Name: Hannah Wilson 
Title: Admin Support  
Meet Hannah, our exceptional Office Administrator who joined us 2 years ago, bringing her previous management skills to implement policies and procedures that boost our team's efficiency.  
Based in our office, Hannah plays a crucial role as the first point of contact for our customers. Her warm and professional demeanor creates a welcoming atmosphere, ensuring our clients feel valued and well taken care of from the very beginning. 
Her dedication and excitement for our future make her an invaluable part of our team. In addition to her administrative responsibilities, Hannah takes charge of our social media presence, using her creativity and strategic thinking to showcase the best of RH Plumbing & Heating to the world. Her efforts have bolstered our online presence and strengthened our connection with our customers.  
Meet our Superb Plumbing Apprentice  
Name: Joseph Kelly 
Title: Apprentice  
Introducing Joseph, our talented new apprentice, who has recently completed his Level 1 & 2 plumbing course and is now embarking on his promising plumbing career with us. 
Joseph's eagerness to learn and grow in the field of plumbing is evident from the start. His successful completion of the initial plumbing courses showcases his commitment and passion for the trade. We are thrilled to have him join our team, as we believe he will be a valuable addition with his fresh perspective and determination to excel. 
As Joseph begins his journey with us, we are dedicated to providing him with the guidance and support he needs to thrive in his apprenticeship. We look forward to witnessing his development and success as he becomes an integral part of our team and contributes to the future of our company. 
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